Song Sparrow shot….with Sony RX10M3

Song Sparrow shot with SonyRx10M3.


Song Sparrow by Laurenz Baars


Song Sparrow by Laurenz Baars

DSC06553 -1s

Song Sparrow by Laurenz Baars


Sony RX10M3 Review

Using the Sony RX10M3:

Fairly decent camera with OK picture quality.   Is it worth its hefty price tag?  Probably not.  Picture quality is better than the average point and shoot but for the price it is lacking.  It is priced too high for the weekend shutterbug.  Anyone spending this kind of money is looking for something that is close to DSLR quality but a lot more portable.   Most likely it will be bought by people that already have or have had DSLRs because it would have to be someone willing to spend this kind of money on cameras.  My advice:  Decide whether you want to be the weekender shutterbug and buy a good point and shoot for $500-700cdn or go all out with SLR and lenses.  If you already have a DSLR, stick with that.

Some photographers claim they have used this camera for professional work.   My advice:  Do not use these photographers as they obviously have low quality standards for their work.

Unlike most other reviewers I like the handling and the controls because they can be customised.

Laurenz Baars

Icewall Shoreline


_DSC3999 s.jpg

Icewall on the shoreline

Laurenz Baars

Ruby Crowned kinglet



Ruby Crowned Kinglet by laurenz Baars

Wintery feeling



Wintery Feeling by Laurenz Baars

Song Sparrow


Song Sparrow by Laurenz Baars

Snowshoe Hare



Snowshoe Hare by Laurenz Baars